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Reading this book in Katniss’ point of view was astonishing. I had the movie first before the book at ang daming ngang nabago. πŸ“– #thehungergames #suzannecollins #tributes #tributesph
Marcelo Santos III, isa sa mga novelist at blogger na hinahangaan ko. Happy happy 24th birthday Kuya Em! Thank you for inspiring me through your writings. I wish you all the best in this world. God will bless you more. Enjoy your day @akoposimarcelo! β€πŸ˜ƒ #marcelosantosiii
Yes @lloydcafecadena! Got my copy yesterday. All thanks to you Momma! ❀😍
Done reading Fangirl! It took me ages before I finished this book. And I really loved the story! Cath and Wren, Simon and Baz, Reagan, Nick, and Levi! They are wonderfully created! 

"Sometimes writing is running downhill…"
Minho, Frypan, Teresa, Thomas, Gally, and Newt. Welcome to the Glade, Aciang! Bouhahahahaha! I am a runner. #themazerunner #runners #gladers
That very moment when you saw your idol. Tongue-tied! Hello kuya idol @neodomingo143! 😁

Thank you @darylllllll! The best ka talaga. Thank you for the photos @erdeguzmanviaje and @ilouise024.

Oh mama. Nag-fangirl ako ng ilang segundo. Wag ka magagalit ah? Haha. I love you!
New homescreen ni Momma! 😁✌ Pati phone niya hindi ko pinatawad. Piksyur ko pa wallpaper. Lmao.
Off to Church. 😁
MGDS. Hindi pangalan ko kundi M-AGANDA G-ORGEOUS D-YOSA S-OBRA! 😭✌
Sums up my afternoon. #metime #vscocam #vscophile